Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I made this Rolled Edge CD Basket using Donna‘s pattern for a friend who saw mine and wanted one too. Used…hmmm a 5 mm hook, I think. Left out the beads suggested in the pattern. The yarn is GUM.

Rolled brim basket 1

Here is how it looks with bottles and things in it (it’s for the dressing table).

Rolled Brim Basket 2

Some of you may remember I made a scrubbie with the said GUM. I am sad to report, it is highly useless. The thing absorbs a lot of water, but has little or no grease-cutting properties, and leaves streaks when I try to use it to wipe my stainless steel stove.

#2 Also, maybe someone might be able to tell me, how the dang do I use those scrubbies with the nylon scrubber in the middle (sort of like eggs sunny side up)? How do I hold the thingy? I can’t figure it out.

#3 Also, at what point in their lives do cotton yarn dishcloths stop leaving streaks on my stainless steel surfaces?