This was a rush job, as I was leaving that afternoon, so both I and my nephew were blurry-eyed and half-awake…
I used a girl’s pattern from for the boy’s vest (gender-bender, that’s me!) and used up almost all of the 7 oz Red Heart Super Saver skein in Soft Navy that Christal sent me for the September CAT PAC. This PAC arrived providentially while my sister was visiting, so I was able to take the yarn (she chose the colour) with me when I went with them to Hyderabad.
As usual (dunno why I bother writing this at all) I ran out of skein, so I made do with some local yarn in a very dark navy blue. I used a K 6.50mm hook. I started off with Red Heart Crystalites, but found it wasn’t sliding through smoothly, so I shifted to a Boye K 6.50mm instead. Much better!

The original pattern calls for chenille.



Several things are wrong in these photos:
1. Both of us were unwilling to wake up
2. The color didn’t come out properly, so I fiddled with the pics in an editor.
3. His pajamas are too dark to show off the vest/pattern properly

You get the picture.