I forgot to brag blog about these FOs that I made to give on our recent road trip. I made both of them in Hyderabad. So here they are:

This is another skinny scarf, made with some novelty yarn that I bought in Delhi last year. It was an unfinished bolero in its previous life. I made it for my niece. Just ch to the desired width, and then dc (American) in each stitch across. The beauty (!) of the scarf lies in the yarn itself.

I made two caps for my cousin and nephew. One of them I forgot to take a photo of, but it was made from this pattern at Crochet Garden here in an ugly green yarn that was one of the only colours I was able to buy in Hyderabad. Why our people like to make(buy) yarn in ugly primary colours is beyond me. I changed the brim a bit to make it fit my *sense* of symmetry.

UPDATED: For Mimi, look at this post for a picture of the hat I made from the same pattern but in a different colour. The brim here follows the original pattern, though.

Anyway, this other cap I made from this pattern, (I can’t find the link online….!!!) in my famous patchwork yarn from Delhi, very soft to touch. I like this pattern very much, it works up very nicely, and the ribbed brim is cool!

Sorry for the blurry quality of the pics!