While here, I’ve also managed to finally find a proper use for the cone of cord(?) I had which is a bit rough to work with. I have used it for other things before, but this project finished it off nicely. I made the small Econo shopper bag from Natalie’s pattern. So here it is:

Econoshopper Mesh Bag

Nice and easy AND practical!

I also made a skinny scarf for my friend and a sweater for her kid (which I sincerely hope will fit him). But no pictures, sorry!

If you are thinking I’ve reduced my stash, think again! I enhanced it with several hanks of yarn in white, deep green, purple and pale green. Nothing very special, but something is better than nothing. No pics of that either till I finish unravelling it (which seems to be a regular thing whenever I buy yarn south of the Vindhyas).

ETA October 19 2011: While going through my Ravelry friend activity, I remembered this project and realised I hadn’t added it to my Rav notebook. So I looked up the pattern on the Ravelry database, where it is now a free download, downloaded the photograph from my Blogger/Blogspot blog, uploaded it here and to Rav and dusted off this post. I still don’t have pictures of the scarf and sweater, though.