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Katchkan’s mesh bag tested

Sorry for the long blogging silence, but I came down to my parents in Hyderabad last week, and the computer here is slow and old….

Anyway, here is my last big FO, Kathy‘s mesh shopping bag in size 20 thread and with seed beads.

I absolutely loved the pattern, as well as my first experience with the big eye needle that Kathy sent me to use for beading.

5 thoughts on “Katchkan’s mesh bag tested

  1. Wonderful job Swapna! I think I must make one of these!
    Can’t wait until you’re back full swing, miss ya!

  2. That looks so nice.

  3. Hiya! thanks for visiting my blog. You have done a terrific job! How many years are you crocheting?


  4. Wow! I love it! You did a great work!

  5. Great bag!

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