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Ok, ok, I confess!

A few days ago, I was nicely minding my own business and lurking around Crochetville, when Kimberley snuck up on me and twisted my arms…As a result, you may or may not have noticed, I am now a member of the Yarn Addicts webring. You’ll find the button on the right somewhere———>

Sniff! It’s not yarn, it’s thread!

3 thoughts on “Ok, ok, I confess!

  1. Welcome to the club! Kimberly is indeed persuasive! Thread should count…I love thread too!

  2. You’ve been tagged! Just use this link and you’ll know what to do!

  3. As I told you – Thread most definently counts! And anyways – it was only a little bit of arm twisting….you barely noticed it, I am sure! 😀

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