I heard from my Doily Swap partner (who’s sending to me) that my doily (her doily?) is ready to be mailed. Yay!

I succeeded in thoroughly confusing her, I think, because she made the mistake of asking me was nice enough to ask me how she should mail it to me. Now, a month ago, she would have gotten a straightforward “I don’t know” from me. But since my foray into the world of Swaps, Wishlists, RAOKs and PACs, I am at a loss to tell her what to do….Remember that PAC of mine that went missing? I’ve since learnt that another has joined it in the stratosphere and was mailed around the same time….Something in the stars, maybe? hmmm. Maybe I should have asked the people in Discovery to keep an eye out for any letters/packages floating around with my name on them. But I guess they had their own worries, right?!

Anyway, I told her regular mail should do fine. Any comments, all you fairies and elves out there?

Meanwhile, on my hook, is that pattern I’m testing for Kathy. Using some of that lovely cream Size 40 Anchor thread that I bought a couple of weeks ago. It involves beads, being the overcautious freak person that I am, I went and strung all the beads that I had bought. Sure enough I ended up tangling the thread. Luckily, the pattern anyway calls for lots of fastening-offs, so my conscience isn’t troubling me too much about the swipe I took with the scissors. Now I’m bead-free until the next time beads are called for…Can you guess this is the first time I’ve ever worked with beads?