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Yippee, I was sought and found!

7 people came to my site by searching for “crochet cocoon sweater”. 2 each looked for “postcrossing” and “poncho pattern crochet 3.50mm hook” (ouch!). 1 each looked for “free crochet baby hat patterns using size 10 thread” (yikes!) and “etaria crochet”.

Yay! For the first time in weeks, someone has actually come to my blog via a search engine. I never did find out what a “GAP guru” was, which the only previous search term used to find my blog.

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  1. hi i just found your blog! My google search was “yarn shop” delhi. i am a knitter in the U.S.; i’ll be traveling to India in fall briefly (Delhi only), and again next spring for a couple of months (Jalandhar area, where my in-laws live, and Pakistan, probably). can you recommend some good yarn stores/sources in india? i cant imagine carting on the plane enough yarn to keep me busy for that length of time! where do you buy your yarn mostly? I am interested in natural fibers, especially.

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