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The giving doesn’t stop!

More goodies in the mail today, woohoo! From Michele over at Crochetville, I got more Christmas in July-in August goodness. She sent me two delicately-worked bookmarks and a card filled with stardust! Thank you so much, Michele!

And then I got my second postcard from postcrossings. This is from Wyando from Germany, who is on holiday in Sweden. I love the kitten! Wyando is, by the way, webmaster for the German support site for Bookcrossings.

2 thoughts on “The giving doesn’t stop!

  1. Oh cool Swapna! Don’t ya just love pressies? And wow on that postcard!
    You seem to be getting a lot of joy out of that program. You know thats a good idea for families to do so the kiddos can learn about different countries.

  2. Oooo… lovely bookmarks!

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