Bats in my balcony

Ever heard of these? I’m serious! A baby bat has been haunting my MIL’s balcony since this morning. So the door into the bedroom has been truly barred against all entry. Now my MIL is a very down-to-earth person, so I think it’s unfair that the bat should have chosen to haunt her balcony rather than mine, who I think all of you would agree, am a far better candidate for the honour…Now I’m going to haunt my balcony to try and capture a picture of the bat as it lurks inside a vent…**slinks off with camera in hand**


4 thoughts on “Bats in my balcony

  1. Bats are cute! And, assuming it’s the right sort, eats insects. Where I’m from, some people build “bat houses” to try to encourage bats to live nearby. 😉

  2. Have no idea about bats, actually, despite the ones in my belfry 😀 No phobia either. But they are supposed to cause a stink or something…

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