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Bats in my balcony

Ever heard of these? I’m serious! A baby bat has been haunting my MIL’s balcony since this morning. So the door into the bedroom has been truly barred against all entry. Now my MIL is a very down-to-earth person, so I think it’s unfair that the bat should have chosen to haunt her balcony rather than mine, who I think all of you would agree, am a far better candidate for the honour…Now I’m going to haunt my balcony to try and capture a picture of the bat as it lurks inside a vent…**slinks off with camera in hand**

4 thoughts on “Bats in my balcony

  1. You are a brave woman with that camera! Even here in the states I’ve been hearing a lot lately about bats being a problem. Ewww!

  2. Actually, I never saw the batlet after all. It vanished sometime when I wasn’t looking….So I guess we’re no longer batty. 🙂

  3. Bats are cute! And, assuming it’s the right sort, eats insects. Where I’m from, some people build “bat houses” to try to encourage bats to live nearby. 😉

  4. Have no idea about bats, actually, despite the ones in my belfry 😀 No phobia either. But they are supposed to cause a stink or something…

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