Boo hoo!
I thought I was using the same yarn! And it looks identical in some light, including in the fluorescent light when I used it last night. But in daylight and in flash conditions, here is what we have!!! There be ghosts and ghouls and yarns that change colour unseen…
I bought it all at the same time, except some of it has been languishing inside a metal bureau for some time. Do you suppose that was why it changed colour? **scratching head** Besides, it looks different only under the influence of flash or light through a window that has a sunfilm. Weird!

Here is how the yarn that I’m using looks. It’s very soft and about 10 wraps per inch. I bought it in Delhi, in unlabelled hanks.
I’m using a Pony 6 hook (5 mm) and the cardigan is working up very fast, just as I like! I’m a pattern tester for the first time. Yay!