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Claudia Bolero Cardigan or chameleon yarn

Boo hoo!
I thought I was using the same yarn! And it looks identical in some light, including in the fluorescent light when I used it last night. But in daylight and in flash conditions, here is what we have!!! There be ghosts and ghouls and yarns that change colour unseen…
I bought it all at the same time, except some of it has been languishing inside a metal bureau for some time. Do you suppose that was why it changed colour? **scratching head** Besides, it looks different only under the influence of flash or light through a window that has a sunfilm. Weird!

Here is how the yarn that I’m using looks. It’s very soft and about 10 wraps per inch. I bought it in Delhi, in unlabelled hanks.
I’m using a Pony 6 hook (5 mm) and the cardigan is working up very fast, just as I like! I’m a pattern tester for the first time. Yay!

2 thoughts on “Claudia Bolero Cardigan or chameleon yarn

  1. Good morning from Ohio! Just a thought about your yarn – could they be from different dye lots? Regardless, its pretty! I wonder how it will do when laundered? Will the dyes even out? Hmmmm! Let us know how this works out for you.

  2. Sheila, hope you caught up and found out what my bolero looks like now. I don’t think I will be frogging it. And I swear, the yarn doesn’t look like different dyelots when its balled up….

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