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WIP: Thread breakfast set

This is my latest acquisition, as usual without proper gauge, although it does say “No. 8-c 1000”, whatever that means! And I’m using it to make these: a breakfast set from the book Take Up Crochet. Isn’t the colour combination wonderful!

These are the three coasters that I’ve made so far. I’m currently working on the larger placemat that goes with them. I haven’t made up my mind whether I will make 1, 3 or 6 of these.
1: is if I get too bored with working on the same pattern for too long
3: is because my SIL, husband and kid makes 3 people
6: is usually a set

Given my attention span, which would you guess? 🙂
The pattern calls for size 5 crochet cotton, with a 1.75 mm hook. The only thing I’ve got right (apart from the colours, which is a lucky coincidence!) is that the thread is cotton. I’m using a 2.00 mm hook.
What I don’t understand, is, by my reckoning, size 5 thread would be thicker than the one I’m using, while a 1.75 mm hook would be much thinner. So how does that go? **scratching head**
Well, all I can say is, none of the things I make are as their designers intended. LOL!

Update: Sheila, yes, it is thread and not yarn that I’m working with. Haven’t yet seen yarn packaged this way here. Besides, I think the photo is kind of deceptive about the size of the skeins.

2 thoughts on “WIP: Thread breakfast set

  1. This is a nice set and I do like the color combination! Are those skeins of yarn or thread? I usually see yarn skeins like that, not thread, but maybe they package things differently there?

  2. I love the color combo – very pretty! Good luck on finishing the complete 6…..I am the same and often get bored with a project, so I put it aside and then come back and pick it up at a later date! No one ever said you had to do it all at one time!

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