So just before I log off, I thought I’d record what I’ve been through after opening my very own blog.
Signing up and creating my first blog was pretty easy-so easy in fact that I got over-ambitious and decided to check for add-ons. The first one was more or less mandatory: I need to be able to post photographs, so a Hello account made sense, especially since I already have Picasa. So that was done successfully and I uploaded my first photograph, after some tearing-out of hair 🙂
Then I got stuck on Blogrolling in a vain attempt to increase traffic to my blog. Phew! For a html novice like me, it takes some doing, I must say. BUT it’s been done, so you can see a basic set of links on my sidebar.
I’ve also checked out Google’s AdSense to put ads on my blog. Have applied, will find out if they will give me ads in a couple of days. Stay tuned for news on that.
That’s enough name-dropping for today, I think. Time to log off and go for my solitary dinner: Sridhar is on overnight duty. I’ve also got a couple of new crochet patterns I can’t wait to try out!