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Any traveller on Indian Railways will know there is crochet on the train. Bottle holders in the AC coaches are made by hooks. As I travelled to Hyderabad last night, I noticed this:


I think that phone camera photo is too dark, but that holder can no longer hold a bottle. It is, in effect, bottomless. And thus, paradoxically, filled with nothing.

Before leaving, I managed to pick up that final (as in currently available to me) hank and managed a few more squares. When I stopped, I had this:


Likely if I had started a little earlier, I’d have finished this too. This square and half of another, I reckon.

Question to my readers. I’m writing these posts on my iPad. And uploading smallish images. What is the quality of these pictures that you see on your screens?

3 thoughts on “Bottomless

  1. Well, I am reading it on my phone and they seem alright.

  2. I remember those bags made with squeaky plasticy type yarn(?). I’m reading your blog on my desktop right now and the pictures are clear.

    1. Nylon-ish. Quite tough on the fingers. It’s like this clothesline. I remember buying a hank once, but I could never tame it into shape and finally I gave up.

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