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Amazing Clare

I met someone on the Georgette Heyer mailing list who mentioned that she crochets. I couldn’t stop myself, and wrote to her, asking her how and what. She sent me this photo of a debutante dress she made for her daughter. I thought it was amazing, and had to share with you:


She made it with double knit cotton and most amazingly, made up the pattern herself. I thought it was lovely. Don’t you? Clare lives in Ireland.

7 thoughts on “Amazing Clare

  1. Wow! That is gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous! Her daughter is so luck to have a mother to crochet for her. It’s a beautiful design!

  3. Holy cow, that is a gorgeous dress. I didn’t know anybody had debutants any more.

  4. That’s really pretty. What is underneath the dress? Is it part of the dress, too? I guess it would have to be. Very interesting, TFS!

  5. It is indeed gorgeous! What talent!

  6. amazing!

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