that I actually give away the things I make:

Of course, I might have snatched it away after the photo-op, but I am not like that, really, I’m not! Here is another view of the baby:

You will of course ignore the double chin and other signs of decline on the adult.

Very few of my recipients have been documented (photographed) in their gifts, sadly. Which gives me to wonder if the things fall apart, don’t fit, raise rashes, offend sensibilities or what. One doesn’t like to ask.

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  1. I don’t think I ever saw your picture….you are a very pretty lady….age?? You look very young..honestly! (and no double chin!) The little outfit is so cute! Love the colors!!!

  2. What a precious baby! Is that you in the blue holding her? If it is then you’re beautiful! What lucky babies to receive such wonderful love-filled gifts. I’ve saved every hand knit and had crocheted item anybody ever made my girls. They are just so special and someday maybe they can be used for my daughter’s babies (should they have any. Take care!

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