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Treasure found

I went booksaling (new word!) today and turned the place upside down looking for crafty books. And I was well rewarded with this (Rs 75):


Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann. Wasn’t that a lucky find?! I hope to be putting some of the techniques into use in a few weeks’ time. This is the original 1971 edition. There’s a slight tear on the dustcover, but I shall apply tape. I understand it is a bit of a classic.

I also found this book on needlepoint/plastic canvas (Rs 150). It’s been a long time since I learnt a new craft.


Needlepoint on Plastic Canvas by Elisabeth Brenner De Nitto. This must be the cover, because my copy is missing its dust jacket. Hopefully I’ll have fun. I have a pack of A4-sized sheets of plastic canvas hidden in a cupboard. I resisted buying a book on Macrame. I was strong.

In non crafty buys, I got a couple of books with cats in them. The sale was purportedly of surplus books from US libraries. I had a nice haul last year. The man promised to look up more books for me and asked me to go in next week. I am not that hopeful actually.

2 thoughts on “Treasure found

  1. Elisabeth Zimermann is really an interesting lady who has been very important and very inspirating.I think you have very much to learn and to be inspirated of in her book.Good luck.

    Ulla in the north of Sweden

  2. One never knows what one will find. So, I hope when you go back, there are new offerings.

    Is that one book “Knitting without TEARS” as in rips or TEARS as in crying while tearing your hair out? Ha, ha!

    Congrats on the cat book too. I posted a cute cat video on my journal a few entries ago. I hope you are able to view it. I thought of you when I posted it.

    Did you know you can even get glow-in-the-dark plastic canvas? I kind of wonder what is the point of GITD if you’re just going to cover it up with thread anyhow. :-/ I never learned how to do that myself but I’ve seen some wonderful things made out of it. I like that you can make 3 dimensional projects. Ahhhhh, maybe someday….

    Take care,

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