Now is that an ambiguous title or what?!

Why am I not surprised?

Which part of crocheting do you hate the most

Choosing a pattern 1 (5%)
Frogging 3 (15%)
Changing colour 0 (0%)
Adding a new ball of yarn/thread 1 (5%)
Weaving in ends 10 (52%)
“Picking up” stitches on sides 2 (10%)
Sewing seams 2 (10%)
Blocking/Pinning 0 (0%)
Trying to convince people to accept your crocheted gifts 0 (0%)

Total votes: 19

So many of us hate weaving in ends. And some of us hate frogging the most. But how come no one is with me on failing to find takers for crocheted gifts, hmm?

Anyhow, Sheila wanted to know at which stage people prefer to weave in ends, so that will be my next poll. Be sure to look out for it.