Bloopy from GUM

I’m calling this “Bloopy” in honour of Loopy-the-Sheep, but it will be turning into a bathmat. Regular readers will remember the G.U.M. (Green Unholy Mess) from some time ago. The pattern is from here.

I’m disappointed, however, to report that my new Q hook isn’t being used for this….The yarn isn’t thick enough.

And just to be upfront, it hasn’t baa-ed yet.



  1. Oh, thats coming along nicely! I can’t do that loop stitch thingy….well, I’ve not tried but I’m sure I can’t!

    I leave you with these parting words! BAAAAAAAAAAAAA BAAA BAAA

  2. Great job on it! I’ve not tried a loopy project yet….one of these days!!

    I’ve found with my Q-Hook that I need to use 2 to 3 strings of yarn with it – makes for interesting possibilities for patterns and color changes!

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