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Commenting poll results

Despite frenzied campaigning by me, and several of my blogging friends (including Kimberley and Cordelia), the voter turnout for this poll was once again, sad. Without further ado, I present the results:

Which term is good to describe comments on blogs

Blommenting 5 (71%)
Bloming 0 (0%)
Blenting 0 (0%)
Blonting 0 (0%)
Clogging 1 (14%)
Cogging 0 (0%)
Any other 1 (14%)
Total votes: 7

A lot of voters said in the exit poll that they think “Blogmenting” sounds best, hence they chose the first option. As I said to them, it doesn’t sound pithy enough. What do you think? Shall we formalise it then?

1 thought on “Commenting poll results

  1. Blogmenting is very precise isnt it? hmmmm maybe not enough flare?

    Well I like it but I’m bias! LOL

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