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Cricket attack!!

Does anyone know how to repel crickets? Yes, the creatures that make that noise. We are being flooded (?) by crickets as soon as darkness falls…I’m not scared of them, except that they are very irritating…I can’t keep any light on at all, not even the TV. Suggestions are welcome.

4 thoughts on “Cricket attack!!

  1. But I thought crickets brought you luck!

  2. We had some sort of tiny cricket invasion in our living room last summer, and my cat viewed them all as toys. Apparently, my cat’s motto was “If they don’t have legs, they can’t rub ’em together!”

  3. Sorry – don’t think I am of much help here – My old kitty would eliminate them for me….occasionally one would get past her and go under the carpet – she would go absolutely beserk trying in vain to get to it!

  4. Try putting a wet washcloth in your sink or bath. In the morning you might find them underneath. (I think they think they have found a good burrow for the day.)

    Of course, if they are coming into your house every night that doesn’t help a lot, does it? But if they are not, then perhaps the washcloth trick will help you find the erstwhile “guests.”

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