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New poll up, everyone!

Ok, so this one’s a bit negative, but so what? A poll is a poll is a poll…So lay down your hooks and cast your votes!!! And guess what, it’s on your right this time————> Surprise!

4 thoughts on “New poll up, everyone!

  1. I’ve voted 🙂

    Those pesty little ends…. yuck…. major yuck!!

  2. I voted as well Swapna! I hate weaving in ends too….I’d rather remove my spleen with a teaspoon but it must be done!

    I do think for me a close second would be choosing a pattern… honestly I tend to over think my choices, like is it good enough and is it above my head etc!

  3. I’m still around!!!!!!!!! Long story and I’ll spare you the “drama”. I voted! I hate frogging, especially when I have to go back to near the beginning of a very large project!

    Perhaps you can do a poll one day of “When do you weave in your ends when doing squares?” I’m curious to know – a) as soon as I’m done with the square b) when I have all of the squares made. I can’t do polls on AOL :o(

  4. That’s a good poll!

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